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Someone had dreams and idea, someone else couldn’t let it go – and this is how in 2015 we created new brand that mix art and apparel. Project comes form our passion and creativity.

The best time is now, so we celebrate each day and each moment. Power and inspiration come from our travels and sun. It is our way to freedom and functioning in the modern world.

We propagate our idea creating illustrations. The fundament of our clothes is usability and convenience that make our stuff favourite choice for everyday. We are everywhere, like GRUO – a hard-working construction crane – ubiquitous element of the urban landscape. We left our trace in urban space to make you happy. You find us on streets in Barcelona, Bangkok, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Manchester, Rome, Madrid. We are everywhere there people meeting.

GRUO is a joy of taking pleasure in every simple moments. World is a million images that we share with you.

From love to sunshine and freedom. With passion for design. Living in the city. Traveling around the world. Surrounded by good pepole. Appreciating every moment. Here and now.

Email: / Instagram: @gruo_vibes

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